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Wholesale, Bulk, and Custom Orders

Soap bars can be made with a few dimensions based on the molds I currently have. My current bars are a tall/skinny type. The dimensions are roughly 3.75in tall, 2.25in wide, and just under 1in. thick. These make my bars roughly 4.8-5oz.

I have older molds that can create a few other dimensions. The mold I used previously for my older bars created a 2.8in tall, 2.6in wide, and 1.15in thick bar, which totaled 4.8-5oz. I also have an additional mold I still use for my specialty bar, which creates a 2.35in Tall, 3.3in wide, and 1.15in Thick bar at 4.8-5oz.


I can change how thick a bar is cut to increase the total ounces of the bar. My current tall/skinny bars have been cut previously at the 1.15in thickness and created a bar that was roughly 5.8-6oz. I could potentially make a 7oz bar by cutting it at roughly 1.25 or 1.3in thickness. The height and Width would still be identical to my current 5oz tall/skinny bars. These 5oz bars are priced at $8 ea. The 6oz bars were priced at $8.50. The use of essential oils increases the cost of bars, as they are more expensive than fragrance oils. They generally cost between $9-$10 per bar. 


I could create custom blends using the various fragrance oils and/or essential oils I have in stock. Some consideration to blends using oils I do not currently have in stock could be given depending on costs. I'd be happy to take a look at a list of ideas you provide and see what, if anything, could be doable, as well as provide a list of my current stock to you for consideration. 


Orders with a subtotal of $150 or more receive 20% off and orders over $75 receive free shipping. Wholesale pricing can be offered in bulk orders of 140 bars or more. This would reduce the price of each individual bar to $5.00. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the coupon for 20% off on orders with a subtotal of $150 or more. 


As for custom orders, each batch of soap takes 6 weeks to cure. An additional 4 to 5 days would be needed for packaging/labeling of each bar and may vary depending on order size. Then an additional 1-3 days to process and ship. If a custom order requires fragrances/essential oils currently not in my stock, additional time would also be needed to order and receive those items. I can currently make no more than 70 (5oz) bars in one day with my current tall/skinny molds and even fewer bars with my older soap molds. 

Custom orders would be quoted to you first and you would have the option to approve or make changes to that before an official invoice would be provided. Custom orders require payment prior to production to ensure seriousness from you the buyer and to protect myself from putting in the labor to complete an order only to have someone change their mind last minute. 

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Please be as specific as possible when describing what you would like. I reserve the right to deny any requests and will only accept what I feel is within my current means. 

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